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It is worth living

Time goes by and sometimes we miss the opportunity to buy things. Maybe that car or that house of our dreams... But as long as we are able to work there will be opportunities. Just do not make work your reason to live because there are things much more important around you that constantly need your attention. Researches with people who get to know that their lifetime is short generally points out that nobody regrets not having a nice car or a nice house. However, the most common regrets are not having spent more time with loved-ones, family or even not having helped who needed... For these reasons, you should give yourself the chance to be yourself instead of wasting your precious time with things that you will not take to eternity. Remember that to eternity we will only take our accomplishments. There is someone besides you at this moment who is waiting to be held and that would become happy after listenning a warm "I Love you" from you. Be patient with others because certainly someday someone had patienty with you.